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When it comes to tax accounting, everyone has a different take on the complexity of its nature, but at City Tax Accountants, we are striving to simplify the process for you. We are aware that when it comes to tax, your goal is to lodge your tax return with minimal fuss, and claim your refund promptly, and that’s our goal too.

Whether you’re in Perth or anywhere else in Australia, City Tax Accountants will take the stress out of tax returns for you.

Our process is easy and time efficient, because we understand that your time is valuable. This is why our friendly sales team can book you an appointment with a registered tax agent for any time between 9am and 9pm, irrespective of your state. To begin the process, all it takes is making a call, and setting a consultation time.

You can also make your appointment yourself online. To do so, just click on the About Us tab on this site, navigate down to the Testimonials link in the drop-down menu, and select Book Appointment. Very simply select your correct time zone, and then choose your date and preferred appointment time. You will be asked to input some details and confirm your booking, and then it’s done. A simple, easy process that takes less than a minute or two.

The swiftness and convenience with which your appointment will be conducted, depends in part, on how prepared you are prior to your phone call with your tax accountant. That’s why we ask that you ensure you have prepared all of your required documentation beforehand. It can be confusing knowing what is necessary, but we have supplied all this information on the Records You Need To Have section on this website. It’s important that you have checked this thoroughly to save you time and any additional fees that may be incurred by follow up phone calls.

Once you have assembled all your documentation, you are ready for your appointment! Your tax agent will call you at your agreed scheduled date and time, and conduct your tax return over the phone. Provided that you have all your necessary information, the appointment should take approximately fifteen to twenty minutes, and at its conclusion, you will be advised of your preliminary tax estimation.

It’s that easy.

Following your appointment, you can put your feet up whilst your tax accountant is hard at work finalising your tax return. When it is complete, (a process that takes approximately fifteen minutes), it will be emailed to you for your review. Once you have read the document and are satisfied, all you need do is return it to your accountant via email, with the email signature acknowledgement.

The sooner you return your signed documentation, the quicker your claim will be processed.

Tax returns lodged through the ATO can take up to thirty days to be processed, as well as be a headache to complete if doing it yourself online. Using City Tax Accountants to do your tax return over the phone, means you will have your claim processed within approximately ten business days.

The cost is just as convenient as the service; a simple tax return can be done for just $99, which is payable over the phone, prior to your return being lodged.

Many are already reaping the benefits from using City Tax Accountant services. Here are some examples of stories:

Barbara is a work at home mum with two pre-school aged children and an addiction to crochet. She spends most of her days changing nappies, building towers of blocks, and making all manner of woolen products. She has become so skilled at the latter, that she has started her own craft business, selling her wares on the internet. Barbara’s husband works away, and her family live outside of Perth, so finding a sitter for things like tax appointments, is a hard task to master. For her, getting her tax return over the phone, solves the age old issue of having to deal with small children and ‘grown-up meetings’. Barbara no longer worries about occupying small children in an accountant’s office, but simply waits until the children are well and truly asleep and then completes her appointment over the phone without any fuss. For Barbara, saving her sanity is just as important as the return her tax accountant processes.


Dan comes from a family of electricians, so it was no surprise to him when he wanted to be the same. Unlike his brothers and father, Dan works a fly in fly out job in the Northern Territory, meaning his time at home is extra valuable. Rather than squander it in arduous tax appointments, Dan would rather take his kids to and from school and footy practice, or hang out with his mates. He uses City Tax Accountants to save him the time he wants to spend with his family,

Dan has also taken advantage of the fact that with all his required documents, he can get his tax done anywhere in Australia. Doing that job when he is off shift, means he has one less thing to worry about once he is home, and that makes Dan happy.


Greg is a driven professional who thrives off his office job. He loves the challenges of work and people, and the nature that is meeting after meeting. He also enjoys being able to come home, relax in more comfortable clothing, and pour himself a glass of first rate shiraz. Using City Tax Accountants to do his tax return over the phone means that Greg no longer has to juggle his schedule, or miss out on his downtime. It’s the perfect life-style option for him.

There are many others like Barbara, Dan and Greg, who are being won over to the ease that a tax return over the phone provides. It’s simple, it’s fuss-free, it’s affordable and it sees results quickly; no wonder City Tax Accountants are the accountants for everyone.

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