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Knowing the complexities of business legal structure is our game

The City Tax Accountants can help guide you into establishing sensible business structures that will work for you. It may not be the best solution to use a company as a business structure; trusts could be a better alternative for your needs.

There are significant differences between companies and trusts and both have two alternative accounting and reporting requirements. At City Tax Accountants we offer expertise in managing the requirements of each entity and can help guide you to set up structures that protect assets and minimise tax implications.

Trusts require accounting records primarily for taxation purposes and allow significant flexibility in terms of the allocation of funds and distribution of losses. A discretionary trust offers greater flexibility in the way in which income and can distributed among beneficiaries. In addition beneficiaries are not usually liable for losses that trust incur. In this way tax deductions can be carefully managed to benefit your wealth creation and acquisition, and that of your family or other beneficiaries.

The team at City Tax Accountants are the experts in restructuring and developing strategies to best manage tax implications and arranging a structure for distribution amongst beneficiaries and more.

Call City Tax Accountants today on (02) 9023 9977 to find out more about business structures and legal entities that will help protect and manage your wealth.

What’s On Offer:

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  • The expert advice to establish and manage trusts to better manage wealth in terms of added flexibility in the distribution of funds.
  • Minimal reporting on trusts mean it’s a better alternative to a company structure in some scenarios, speak to the experts at City Tax Accountants to see what works best for you.
  • Ongoing management of trusts and advice of distributions will help you create a stable financial future with minimal complications and unnecessary costs.[/mt_list]

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