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Forensic Accounting

The pursuit of integrity, honesty and justice

The unfortunate reality of conducting business and engaging in fiduciary relationships; there are on the rare occasion disputes that made lead to litigation and this is where the expertise of City Tax Accountants can assist.

To build a thorough case through the acquisition and interpretation of data, our forensic team are experienced in collating evidence for mediation or court cases. Our expertise covers both accounting and the legal system to ensure you are best represented when you will need it most.

Our forensic and investigative team offer more than an audit service but are experienced in the intense and rigours of this specialist field of expertise.

Offering a criminal investigation of illegal activity, out staff are highly trained and competent to conduct investigations sensitively without leaving a stone unturned to ensure the best possible outcomes.

At times we are also engaged to determine whether or not a crime has actually been committed. This may include theft in-house by an individual employee or group, negligence or incompetency, fraud that may have occurred or breaches of agreements.

We seek to understand and quantify the value of misconducts and work together to reach a course of action to suit your circumstances. This may also involve risk strategies to minimise potential revenue losses in the future.

Working closely with your legal advisors to build the best case for you takes paramount care and attention to detail. We are skilled and experienced at presenting material and documentation as expert witnesses and advise on potential strengths and weaknesses of your case.

What’s On Offer:

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  • More than an auditing services, our staff are trained and highly skilled in Forensic Accountancy
  • Second to none collection and analysis of data to provide factual evidence
  • Experience as expert witness and invaluable expertise on presentation of financial evidence
  • Ability to provide advice on building a safe structure to prevent revenue loss in the future. [/mt_list]

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