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At City Tax Accountants, we understand that the process of completing your tax return, can be challenging, and it’s our objective to remove that unnecessary stress for you. We understand that when it comes to tax accounting, you want your claim processed with minimal fuss and at an affordable price and you want it done promptly. At City Tax Accountants we can do that for you and more. Regardless of whether you’re in Canberra or anywhere else in Australia, your occupation or your own personal tax needs, City Tax Accountants are the tax agents working with you and for you.


Your time is precious, and we respect that. Which is why we have made our process of completing your tax return over the phone as simple and time efficient as possible. It all starts with a simple phone call. Our dedicated sales team are ready and willing to meet your appointment needs, and with our accountants are available between 9am and 9pm weekdays we’re certain there is an appointment time to suit everyone.


Part of our convenience is the ability to book your tax appointment online. Simply locate the About Us tab on this website, and select Testimonials from the drop down menu. When you select the Book Appointment icon, you will be presented with a list of appointment options. Ensure you have chosen the correct time zone, and then select your preferred tax appointment date and time. You will be asked to confirm your appointment and details, and then your appointment is all booked. A process that takes less than a couple of minutes from start to finish.


In preparing for your phone appointment, it’s important to ensure you collect and gather all of your required documentation to support your tax return. If you’re unsure what you need, you can find that information on the Records You Need To Have page of this website. It’s important that you have your documents ready for your tax consultation so that your appointment with your tax accountant runs quickly and smoothly, and to avoid any further fees incurred by repeat phone calls or protracted meetings.


Once your documentation is together and ready-to-go you can relax and wait for your appointment time. Your tax agent will then call you on your preferred date to conduct your tax return over the phone. Provided all of the necessary supporting tax documentation is prepared, your tax appointment will last for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. At the conclusion of your call, you will be notified of your preliminary tax estimation.

It is that easy.


Following your appointment, your tax agent will work at finalising your tax return and in less than 20 minutes you will receive your tax return documentation via email for your approval. Once you have reviewed your tax return you will then return it coupled with an email signature acknowledgement attached.

Your promptness in this regard will see your claim be processed more swiftly.


Doing your tax online through the ATO, means you can be waiting up to thirty days for your claim, in addition to the personal stress of having to do it yourself. However doing your tax return over the phone with City Tax Accountants will see your claim turned around in approximately ten business days, without the hassle and stress. It’s also very affordable. A simple tax return costs as little as $99, which is payable on the phone, prior to lodgement.


Many people are turning to City Tax Accountants for their tax return needs. Below are three people who have benefitted from meeting their tax accountant over the phone.


Petra is a busy work at home mum with two children and a crochet addiction she has turned into an income source. Petra spends her days between her kids (changing nappies and playing doll dress-ups), and her crochet hook, working on her designer craft dolls. Petra’s husband works out of town, and they have no family nearby, and it’s hard for her to find someone she trusts to mind the kids. By being able to complete her tax return over the phone with City Tax Accountants means Petra’s a new opportunity to simplify an aspect of her life. No longer does she have to worry about occupying her kids whilst in an important meeting. Instead she holds the meeting in the comfort of her own home when the children are watching a movie or better still, tucked up in their beds. The thought of dragging her young family to an accountant’s office in the Canberra CBD leaves Petra cold. City Tax Accountants affords Petra the opportunity to complete her tax return with the minimum of fuss, time and disruption to her family.




Stu always wanted to be an electrician, and he enjoys his fly in and fly out job that means he gets to practice his trade in Australia’s Northern Territory.  Stu also loves his ‘home time’; getting to take his boys to school and footy practice, and hanging with his mates are his priority Stu doesn’t want to waste time traveling to the city just to get his tax done. Now Stu does his tax return over the phone with City Tax Accountants, so that he doesn’t have to miss out on the things he loves.

Stu also loves that, provided he has his documentation, he can meet with his tax agent over the phone from anywhere in Australia. He can even do his tax when he is off shift and save himself an extra twenty minutes the next time he is home. For Stu, every twenty minutes counts.



Joseph loves his job working in the heart of Canberra CBD although he’s not overly pleased with having to sit in long meetings throughout his work day. Joseph loves nothing more than to take his shoes off at the end of the day, to put his feet up and have a crisp, cold craft beer. This is the ultimate wind-down time for Joseph. Joseph uses the services of City Tax Accountants so that he isn’t forced begrudgingly into yet another protracted meeting. Doing his tax return over the phone means Joseph has more time to relax after his long days at work.


Petra, Stu and Joseph are amongst countless others who use the ease and simplicity of City Tax Accountants for their tax accounting needs. With our simplicity, efficiency, affordable fees and quick turnaround times, City Tax Accountants are the accountants for everyone.



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