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The 3 Basics of a Great Accounting Company for Sydney Start-ups 

Every business spends a great deal of time watching its bottom line. When that business is new, there really isn’t a bottom line to watch yet. That can change for the better if they hire a good accounting company. Sydney, for a start-up business that has never had the need for accounting services, the thought of hiring an accountant to help build up their bottom line is equally frightening and frustrating. Where do they start? Well, just as with their business, they start from the beginning. Here is a list of the three basic areas of expertise that can be found in a great accounting company in Sydney.

Setting Up

The most fundamental of all disciplines associated with accounting starts with accounting and record keeping. The new business owner may be well equipped to handle the day-to-day bookkeeping system, but the savvy upstart will have the system itself set up by a good accounting company. Sydney, it just makes sense.

Advisory Services

Before the doors open on a new business, the owner should have already consulted an accountant on setting up a business and personal financial plan. Accountants offer advice on everything ranging from insurance to forecasts for future expansion. So, this way the new business owner is on solid footing before he even serves his first customer.

Tax Advice

Tax compliance and tax planning are key to the success of any business. It is bad news for any business to get on the wrong side of tax law, or be fined and/or run late on tax payments. If a new business starts out that way, though, it’s nearly impossible to recover. In order to avoid the demise of their business simply because they lacked understanding, upstart business owners should consult an accounting company in Sydney that fully understands Australian tax law.

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