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Complex tax advisory, business registration, bookkeeping & BAS, SMSF

Bookkeeping and Tax Returns

Bookkeeping Services Sydney

  • preparing and lodging late BAS
  • processing payroll
  • setting up onsite and offsite accounting software
  • Train client staff to use accounting Applications
  • XERO and MYOB
  • Bookkeeping services Sydney tailored to meet small business requirements.

Tax Return for small business

You can take a look at our taxation services if you have newly registered business, or an established one but planning to shift from current accountant. We are able to offer customized packaged service for a fixed monthly fee including professional and affordable bookkeeping and tax returns service.



Tax Return
Luke Gardiner

Always quick service, tax returns go smoothly, worth every cent

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Tax Return
Christian Webb

Needed to file multiple tax returns, got it done in 30 minutes
Tax Return

Christian Webb was last modified: by
Tax Return
Bryan Hall

Quick and easy, I couldn’t make it into the office but most of the work could be done without me there. Signed docs and sent them in for a quick turn around
Tax Return

Bryan Hall was last modified: by
Tax Accountants
Phillip Ager

City Tax has helped me for the last few years with my tax returns, Super helpful and pleasant to deal with. Highly recommended!
Tax Return

Phillip Ager was last modified: by
Tax Return Sydney
Charlotte Bradshaw

Booked an appointed online without any hassles and lodging personal tax return was really straight forward. My accountant was very informative and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend using them for personal or business purposes
Tax Return

Charlotte Bradshaw was last modified: by
Tax Return Melbourne
Theo Zoumas

I dealt with City Tax Accountants for the first time this year (with Elina). Amazing to deal with and helpful and fast – I definitely don’t know the ins and outs when it comes to what I am able to claim back etc but Elina walked me through it all and happy to say that have been able to get back as much as possible on my tax return! Thank you Elina and the team at City Tax Accountant – will definitely be dealing with you again next financial year!
Tax Return

Theo Zoumas was last modified: by
Tax Return North Sydney
Chris Lord

Friendly and professional service 🙂
Tax Return

Chris Lord was last modified: by
Tax Return Parramatta
Sarah Lalor

Very easy and quick meeting as well as ease of lodgement
Tax Return

Sarah Lalor was last modified: by
Tax Accountants
Ophelia Heffernan

Elena is an excellent tax accountant! She has been doing my personal tax returns for about four years now and I find her incredibly easy to deal with, she is extremely efficient and fast, and always professional. I highly recommend her!
Tax Return

Ophelia Heffernan was last modified: by
Tax Accountants Sydney
Justin Geaney

Elina is a very proficient tax accountant who can manage very complicated matters efficiently with great outcomes. I had a complicated situation that required a dispute to be lodged with the ATO, and Elina secured the best outcome possible for me
Tax Return

Justin Geaney was last modified: by
Accountants Sydney
Amy Jean

I walked into Elina’s office knowing nothing and dreading it like a dentist appointment. With her personable but straightforward approach I relaxed within minutes while she went through several years of Tax Returns with me. What I thought was a daunting mess, Elina untangled expertly and concisely. Thank you!
Tax Return

Amy Jean was last modified: by
Accountant Sydney
Lisa Whitehall

My first time at City Tax Accountants with Elina. Extremely impressed and will be going back next year
Tax Return

Lisa Whitehall was last modified: by
Tax Refund
Ella Aird

After putting off my tax for THREE years, Elina from City Tax helped me sort out all the mess and get a return that was better than I expected – all done over the phone in less than an hour. I will be using them again back for sure! 🙂
Tax Return

Ella Aird was last modified: by
Tax Refund Sydney
Gary Boyd

I have used City Tax Accountants for 2 years. Elina is always efficient, knowledgeable and has helped me understand some of the more complex aspects of the tax rules. She does this in an easy to understand way
Tax Return

Gary Boyd was last modified: by
Tax Agent
Tim Whyld

Elina is a fantastic tax accountant, she does a great job for us every year
Tax Return

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Level 10 20 Martin Place

Sydney NSW 2000

Phone:  02 9023 9977

Working hours:

Monday-Friday: 9:00 – 17:00

Saturday-Sunday: Closed


Managing your wealth means understanding where your money is through the highest level of bookkeeping services Sydney City offers. City Tax Accountants is your first choice for the quick, affordable and professional in bookkeeping Sydney service. We assure you are getting the best accounting services in all regards. Whether you are just looking for bookkeeping services or you would like help with tax solutions, we can provide you with the help you want. Turn to us for the success of your business.

Tailored Bookkeeping Services in Sydney

City Tax Accountants provides you with the top level in bookkeeping services Sydney may offer because our services are tailored to meet your specific requirements as a business. We get to know your business, your financial requirements and your plans for the business. Your financial information is recorded in such a way as to maintain your accounts in secure, organized and professional way.

We can help to train your staff to understand how to manage your own books or we can manage your books for you. It is all a part of the comprehensive bookkeeping services we offer to each and every client. By understanding the requirements for financial planning, we can make sure to give you advice on where your money can be invested.

Financial Management Services

As a part of the bookkeeping services Sydney businesses are looking for, City Tax Accountants offers financial management tailored to meet your requirements. You are provided with accurate and up to date financial statements that show not only your financial status, but what you can do to accomplish your financial goals. Your success is our focus. Discover what you can do with your money today when you call to get the best in bookkeeping services by phoning City Tax Accountants on (02) 8973 7475.

investment property tax return & advice 95%
capital gains tax return & advice 98%
share trading tax return & advice 75%
sole trader tax return & BAS 97%

Bookkeeping Services SydneyOur experienced Sydney Bookkeepers can provide you with a one stop-shop for all your accounting and bookkeeping requirements . City Tax Accountants Sydney keeps our clients updated day by day.

If you are not filing your tax return now, maybe you want to plan for it by choosing professional service of bookkeeping Sydney and get your records in order to be sure you are prepared and organised. Bookkeeping service is keeping records and documentation which in turn is the key to smoothly filing any type of tax return.

For information that can help with this year tax return it’s a key factor to have your last year’s one handy for the reference. Last year’s losses brought forward to the current year in addition to fixed assets balances may increase your current year tax refund or decrease tax payable. If you are looking for a free consultation from a professional Bookkeeper in Sydney CBD you can get it from City Tax Accountants (by booking/changing your appointment online in a real time at : Bookkeeping Services Sydney)

Records :

Income Records

  • Business Income
  • Statements showing any additional income earned from bank interest, property investment, share dividends, debentures, buying and selling shares, foreign income, trusts or managed investments


Expense Records

  • Expense statements/receipts showing expenses for investment property(s), depreciation report/s, interest and fees on investment loans
  • Annual statements from any Investment, Trust or Managed Funds showing interest and fees
  • Receipts for tools, equipment and clothes, which you have bought for the purpose of work


  • Superannuation contributions

Managing your bookkeeping Sydney CBD:

You have gathered your records and feel confident that you have everything to start. Now you can file for processing and there are several options available for you to do that.

  1. File online. Usually this is the fastest, easiest way to file, if you have a simple bookkeeping process. Many online sites have easy to follow instructions and most have online help available to answer any questions.
  2. Paper forms. These are becoming almost obsolete, but if you feel more comfortable with this by all means continue.
  3. Bookkeeping specialists. Many companies offer fast and simple procedure.
  4. Bookkeeping Services Help. Trained and approved by the Australian Tax Office there are offices in most cities, states and territories.

Tip: If you use a bookkeeping services specialist, be sure they have been trained and are knowledgeable regarding the type of work. If you have a difficult bookkeeping procedure, then go to a certified, chartered or licensed specialist. Don’t pay for work more than what you really require.

 After the Lodging

After you have filed your bookkeeping Sydney CBD be sure and put your bookkeeping papers together along with all of the documentation that you used. We suggest a folder or large envelope that can be sealed and the dates and forms included printed on the outside. You are required to retain your information for five years. If possible, store these in a location that is safe, fireproof and easily accessible. Online storage is highly recommended, such as GoogleDrive, OneDrive.

In case of an audit you can easily produce the records required to verify all of the information for the years that are in question. The more organized you are the faster the audit can be done.

Preparing for Next Year

Review your bookkeeping services Sydney CBD and see where you could possibly affect the outcome. Do you have deductions? Can you increase your withholding? Look for areas that you can increase or reduce. Look at hiring a specialist bookkeeper in Sydney; he sure can help you.

Finally, keep every receipt you think might be deductible. You can store them if it proves they are not of use, but it could be difficult in some cases to replace them. Good record keeping is a key factor for bookkeeping services process and for lodging your individual tax return Sydney CBD.


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