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Tax Return Sydney – Choose the option below that works the best for you. We will do the rest to lodge your tax return Sydney.

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other services

Complex tax advisory, business registration, bookkeeping & BAS, SMSF

what to have for appoinment

  • Your ID and Tax File Number
  • Bank details for refund
  • Payment Summaries (PAYG, Termination)
  • Details of spouse taxable income
  • Annual bank statement showing interest earned
  • Annual statement for investment properties
  • Dividend statements
  • Annual share trading reports in PDF and CSV
  • Annual statements from managed investment funds
  • Details of foreign income earned
  • Annual private health insurance statement
  • Last year tax return
  • Details of Income Protection Insurance, Sickness and Accident Insurance
  • Expense statements/receipts for investment property, depreciation report, mortgage bank statement
  • Evidence of donations to charities
  • Annual statement from Investment, Trust or Managed Fund
  • Accountant Fees Invoice for previous year’s tax return
  • Log book and expense receipts for vehicle used for work purposes
  • Receipts for work-related travel expenses
  • Receipts for tools, equipment and uniform
  • Education related expenses


Tax Return
Luke Gardiner

Always quick service, tax returns go smoothly, worth every cent

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Tax Return
Christian Webb

Needed to file multiple tax returns, got it done in 30 minutes
Tax Return

Christian Webb was last modified: by
Tax Return
Bryan Hall

Quick and easy, I couldn’t make it into the office but most of the work could be done without me there. Signed docs and sent them in for a quick turn around
Tax Return

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Tax Accountants
Phillip Ager

City Tax has helped me for the last few years with my tax returns, Super helpful and pleasant to deal with. Highly recommended!
Tax Return

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Tax Return Sydney
Charlotte Bradshaw

Booked an appointed online without any hassles and lodging personal tax return was really straight forward. My accountant was very informative and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend using them for personal or business purposes
Tax Return

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Tax Return Melbourne
Theo Zoumas

I dealt with City Tax Accountants for the first time this year (with Elina). Amazing to deal with and helpful and fast – I definitely don’t know the ins and outs when it comes to what I am able to claim back etc but Elina walked me through it all and happy to say that have been able to get back as much as possible on my tax return! Thank you Elina and the team at City Tax Accountant – will definitely be dealing with you again next financial year!
Tax Return

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Tax Return North Sydney
Chris Lord

Friendly and professional service 🙂
Tax Return

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Tax Return Parramatta
Sarah Lalor

Very easy and quick meeting as well as ease of lodgement
Tax Return

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Tax Accountants
Ophelia Heffernan

Elena is an excellent tax accountant! She has been doing my personal tax returns for about four years now and I find her incredibly easy to deal with, she is extremely efficient and fast, and always professional. I highly recommend her!
Tax Return

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Tax Accountants Sydney
Justin Geaney

Elina is a very proficient tax accountant who can manage very complicated matters efficiently with great outcomes. I had a complicated situation that required a dispute to be lodged with the ATO, and Elina secured the best outcome possible for me
Tax Return

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Accountants Sydney
Amy Jean

I walked into Elina’s office knowing nothing and dreading it like a dentist appointment. With her personable but straightforward approach I relaxed within minutes while she went through several years of Tax Returns with me. What I thought was a daunting mess, Elina untangled expertly and concisely. Thank you!
Tax Return

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Accountant Sydney
Lisa Whitehall

My first time at City Tax Accountants with Elina. Extremely impressed and will be going back next year
Tax Return

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Tax Refund
Ella Aird

After putting off my tax for THREE years, Elina from City Tax helped me sort out all the mess and get a return that was better than I expected – all done over the phone in less than an hour. I will be using them again back for sure! 🙂
Tax Return

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Tax Refund Sydney
Gary Boyd

I have used City Tax Accountants for 2 years. Elina is always efficient, knowledgeable and has helped me understand some of the more complex aspects of the tax rules. She does this in an easy to understand way
Tax Return

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Tax Agent
Tim Whyld

Elina is a fantastic tax accountant, she does a great job for us every year
Tax Return

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Sydney CBD NSW 2000 (Town Hall, Martin Place)

Phone:  02 9023 9977


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Looking for Tax Accountant in Sydney who can assist you to maximise your Tax Refund and lodge your individual Tax Return Sydney, in office or over the phone, offer asset protection strategies, tax effective business structuring, self-managed superfund, family trust or just bookkeeping? City Tax Accountants has a team of proactive Accountants Sydney dedicated to help your business evolve into a sustainable and successful one. With strategic advice and financial services tailored to your individual business needs, City Tax Accountants is here to assist you with each and every business challenge. Book your tax consultation with your Accountant Sydney today.

investment property tax & advice 95%
capital gains tax & advice 98%
share trading tax & advice 75%
sole trader tax & BAS 97%

Tax Return Sydney

City Tax Accountants can provide you with a one stop-shop for all your accounting and taxation needs. City Tax Accountants keeps our clients abreast of changes in law. Use the option to submit your online tax return.

Tax Agents MelbourneYour tax refund work will be managed by a partner and you will have access to our senior Tax Accountant

Tax Return SydneyWe package our ongoing fees into agreed fixed annual fee, covering all our work. They could be paid by taking the free from Tax Refund. Each of our Accountant Sydney CBD provides prompt telephone, e-mail and live support to our clients free of charge

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Looking for Tax Accountant in Sydney CBD to maximise your Tax Refund Sydney?

The main reason people search for tax accountants in Sydney CBD is usually because the laws and regulations for taxes changes frequently and with those changes, comes difficulty. What is considered taxable income? What is a legitimate expense? The answers to these questions can change or be modified and the average person or small business owner may not even be aware of the change. An accountant Sydney CBD can help you navigate through the forms, explanations and the laws. The next question is,

…how do I find the best tax accountant in Sydney for my needs?

Following these few steps should help you find the one that will guide you, answer your questions and help you get the best results from your tax situation.

Determining your Needs

Are you looking for accountants Sydney CBD to do a simple Sydney tax return, by appointment or phone where your only income is your place of employment, or do you have a more complex return, such as a business or investments? There are many companies available that can do simple returns. The only disadvantage to using one of these companies is that most of the employees are minimally trained in the tax laws, and they are there for one reason and that is to do as many returns as possible. They are usually reasonable in cost, but as in any purchase, buyers beware! Are you looking for someone to just do your taxes, or do you need someone who can guide you and help you with tax planning, family assets protection strategies and financial records going forward? If you are looking to increase your tax refund Sydney, stocks or real estate holdings you may want more than just a tax agent that fills tax return.  These types of determinations can and will have an influence in the type of tax accountant you will need to search for. Once you have determined exactly what you will be looking for in the accountant, now you have to begin the search for them.

How do I find the Best

You must approach this in the same way you do when you are going to be making a major purchase: Research:

  • A good place to start is the Google. Look there for all of the ads that list the type of tax accountant in Sydney CBD. Make a list of the ones that you think will fit.
  • Check to see if they are registered or certified or chartered. In Australia all accountants must be registered and you can check with the Tax Agents Board to make sure the ones you are interested in are.
  • Ask family, friends and business associates. Your attorney or banker may be a good source of information also.
  • Visit offices and speak to your candidates. Most reputable accountants will welcome the free first consultation. First impressions can sometimes be the correct ones, so look to see if the office looks professional. Does it appear to be organised? The answer to that question may be an indication as to the type of work they do. Trust yourself with how you feel concerning appearances and the way you are treated while you are in the offices. You are going to have to intrust your financial information to one of these potential accountants, if you don’t feel comfortable, chances are you need to move on to the next candidate.

Ask Questions:

  • What do they specialise in tax return? Many accounting firms specialise in areas that may or may not pertain to your needs.
  • What is their customer service like? Do they charge for every phone call or letter? Do they email clients with tax news and updates for free?  The pricing for their services may be acceptable, but if there are “hidden” charges this may make for an unpleasant surprise when you receive their bill.
  • What is their pricing for tax return ? Do they charge by the hour, or is there a set fee for a particular type of work or tax reporting period?
  • Besides being registered with the Tax Agents Board are they members of any other organisations? Most accountants will display proudly any associations they are members of (CPA Australia, Institute of Chartered Accountants). These may give you an idea as to how diligent they are in keeping their reputations on a high level with these organisations. If something should go wrong, you will have other avenues to voice your complaints.
  • There are even questions you need to ask yourself. Did they ask you questions? Did they spend time trying to get to know your expectations and financial goals? Did you leave feeling like you learned what you needed to know to make an informed decision?


No matter who you decide upon, you are ultimately responsible for all information in your tax return and tax debt you may have. If you do not provide all of the information for the accountants to prepare a return, you will be held responsible. Your financial information should always be kept current. Keep records that are complete with supporting documentation. You should plan ahead for tax due dates, audits or any other financial checkups that may help your tax accountant Sydney. Be willing to accept advice and to make recommended changes to your finances.


Know what you need in a tax accountant. Your knowledge of the basics will help you determine what type of accountant you are searching for. Do your research. There are many online sites that you can access free of charge that will answer questions, and give information, like certifications, registrations and business practices. Ask questions, and consult people you believe and trust in to point you in the right direction. Take responsibility for the information you provide to your tax accountant. You can have the most prestigious of firms, but if you do not provide them with the right information for preparation of your Australian Tax Return, the result could cost you in higher taxes, fines and penalties. You are ultimately the one who can make the best decisions for you, your company and your future.

The best accountant in Sydney CBD is one that you feel the most comfortable working with. Use them and the information they provide to improve your chances of success and to increase your tax refund Sydney.


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