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Tax accounting can seem a formidable task, and so at City Tax Accountants, we are working to take the stress out of tax returns for you. We understand that being able to lodge a tax return with minimal stress as well as receive your claim in the shortest amount of time is a priority. Regardless of your occupation, location or personal needs or preferences, City Tax Accountants are the tax agents who are working for and with you.

Whether you’re in Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia, we can take you through the tax return process from start to finish with a simple phone call.


Ready to receive your initial call is a member of our friendly sales team who will work with you to source the best time suitable for you to complete your tax return over the phone. Our tax accountants are available over-the-phone from 9am to 9pm, and accessible from all states in Australia which means that City Tax Accountants have time slots to suit even the busiest of people.


If you prefer to book your appointment online, you are able to do so by navigating to the About Us tab, and select Testimonials from the drop down menu. Click on the Book Appointment graphic, and ensure you have the correct time zone displayed. You can then choose a convenient date and time from the calendar. Once you have selected your preferred tax appointment time, you will be asked to provide some details and confirm your appointment; a process that takes less than a couple of minutes.


You will need to make sure that prior to your appointment, you have gathered all of your required documentation. Having this prepared in advance ensures your phone appointment with your tax agent is completed efficiently and within your appointed timeslot and will also prevent the need for follow up phone calls, with additional charges. If you are uncertain as to what documents you might need, be sure to check out the Records You Need To Have page on this website.


Once you have assembled your required documents, you can relax knowing that your hard work is done. At your agreed date and time, your tax accountant will call you to conduct your tax return over the phone. You can expect your appointment to last approximately fifteen to twenty minutes, assuming you have provided all the necessary documentation. Before ending your call, you will be notified of your preliminary tax estimation, so that you have a good idea of what kind of claim you can expect.

It’s honestly that simple.


After your appointment, you can expect that your tax agent will be hard at work, finalising your tax return, a process that takes approximately less than 20 minutes. Once completed, your return estimate will be sent to you via email, for you to peruse and approve. After reviewing the document, simply return it with email signature acknowledgement completed.

The faster your documentation is returned, the sooner your tax return can be lodged.


Performing your own tax return online through the ATO website can be a complicated process, not to mention one that may leave you waiting up to thirty days for your claim. By doing your tax over the phone with City Tax Accountants however, not only are you saved the stress of tax accounting, but you can also expect to receive your tax refund in approximately ten business days. All of that, for a very affordable price. A simple tax return can be completed for just $99, an amount which is payable over the phone, prior to lodgement.


Many Adelaide locals are enjoying the stress free simplicity of doing their tax over the phone with City Tax Accountants. These are just some of those who are enjoying its ease:


Jess is a mum of four children, with a crochet interest she has successfully turned into a business. Her days are busy and full; filled with multiple nappy changes, hours spent building Lego, and in between working on designing new and interesting crochet dolls and marketing her business. Jess’ husband works out of town, and with no family in Adelaide, she finds it hard to find a baby sitter she can trust. Completing her tax over the phone with City Tax Accountants gives Jess the freedom to continue her busy day with only minimal interruption. She no longer has to try her negotiation skills with small children in a quiet accountant’s office, nor does she need to pack 13 different types of snacks, 4 water bottles and 3 changes of clothes just to walk out the door. To complete her tax return, Jess can now be in the comfort of her own home, chatting quietly to our registered tax accountants over the phone, all while the children are tucked up in bed. The time and stress Jess saves by doing her tax over-the-phone with City Tax Accountants, is almost as satisfying as the tax return she receives about 2 weeks later.




Bevan spends a good portion of his life in the Northern Territory, where he works as a fly in fly out electrician. When he is home, his priorities include taking his kids to school, and catching up with his friends. Bevan has no desire to spend his down time visiting an office in the city, and so he utilises City Tax Accountants. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s efficient.

Bevan also appreciates the convenience of being able to lodge his tax return over the phone from anywhere in Australia. Provided he has all his documents, he is able to speak with a tax accountant when he’s off shift, meaning he has one less job to do once he is back home in Adelaide.



Paul’s job keeps him in meetings all day long, and he loves it. He also loves being able to relax at the end of a busy day, by changing out of his suit and pouring a glass of high quality red wine. Doing his tax return over the phone means that Paul not only avoids negotiating his schedule, but he also doesn’t have to change his much loved evening routine. City Tax accountants means Paul’s lifestyle is exactly the way he likes it.


Many others are joining Jess, Bevan and Paul in discovering the simple, fuss free, over the phone service that City Tax Accountants can offer. With our simplicity, affordable fees and quick turn around time, City Tax Accountants are the tax accountants for everyone.

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