27 Dec: Bookkeeping Financial Reporting

The Accounting X Factor for Bookkeeping Financial Reporting Accounting combined with Bookkeeping¬†Financial¬†Reporting, not the reality TV show with aspiring singers. However it does share something in common. Both require a good deal of courage, and there’s still a good deal of judgement and consequences when things go wrong. Many entrepreneurs throw their hands in the air and give up on controlling or wrangling with their financial affairs. Often they give this over to their accountant who takes complete control of the budget. Although this often means that they give up valuable learning opportunities. When speaking with your accounting services specialist, do you ask lots of questions? As the old saying goes, the only silly question is the one that’s not asked. These questions are never easy, but when you start asking them you will find a whole wealth of information about bookkeeping, accounting, and financial reporting with City Tax Accountants….