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XERO Accounting Software Online

Access data when you want, wherever you want, 24/7

City Tax Accountants are big advocates of the latest technological advancement in online accounting services. The recent development of Cloud Environments allow applications to be accessed online over the internet rather than a software download on a pc. The benefits and implications are enormous.

Firstly information is more secure, password protected and online, it means if your office is broken in to, or a laptop is lost or corrupted your files are always secure.

Secondly if you or your staff require access to your files from any location they will be able to log in, even via a smart phone. Means that the boss can finally have a holiday on a remote island getaway and still access the financials to make sure everything is fine back at headquarters!

From our perspective at City Tax Accountants, cloud accounting means that if you have a problem, we no longer need to come on site, a quick login and we can solve the problem or even walk you through your own solutions while you watch us at work all in live-time.

Training can be conducted over the cloud environment and also updates and information required for tax purposes accessed easily and efficiently.

We highly recommend your business moving towards the implementation of cloud accounting to ensure premium efficiency and flexibility.

Cloud Accounting Environments is the most exciting innovation seen in our field of expertise for many years. We look forward to assisting you to embrace the future of technology which makes business accounting easier for us all.

Call our staff today to find out how you can upgrade to a Cloud Environment today.

What’s On Offer:

  • Cloud Accounting services allows you the ability to access your accounts when and where you want, 24/7
  • At your request we can access your accounts in live-time and help your staff work through issues or even conduct training in live-time
  • No need to arrange reporting and information to be collated at end of financial year, we can access all documentation required for a truly hands off approach
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