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Lodge your Tax Return Circular Quay with City Tax Accountants to avoid a hassle of self tax processing and benefit from our professional knowledge and advice. We never miss a thing when it comes to your work related deductions, making sure you receive your maximum tax refund possible. If you are a sole trader or small business owner we have a special offer and a cost effective solution for your bookkeeping, BAS and annual tax return obligations. Just book your appointment online now – pick up the date and time that suit you best.

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Simply pick up the phone and make a call to reserve your telephone appointment. Alternatively, you can book it yourself online: choose a convenient date and time from the calendar. Have got more complex tax return Circular Quay and believe it will be more convenient for you to e-mail us your paperwork? Just attach information about your income, expenses, contact number and forward to info@citytaxaccountants.com.au. One of our tax accountants Circular Quay will contact you to finalise and lodge your tax return.

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City Tax Accountants Circular Quay is the premier tax accounting service provider for simple, affordable tax returns Circular Quay residents can seek. Our experienced team of tax accountants can handle any taxation Query or request. We offer a wide array of taxation services to simplify your complex tax matters and strive to provide the most timely, accurate service.

Our Mission Statement is to deliver the best personal tax agent services available in the Circular Quay area. As leading tax service consultants, we provide a ‘one-stop service’ for tax and accounting. This includes advice in relation to your personal tax management, small business tax  and linking you with allied service providers to assist with financial planning.

Our network of experienced tax agents and CPA accountants have professional skills and expertise in corporate tax advisory. You can be assured that when we consider your tax return we take a global view of your personal circumstances. You can trust that our expert tax agents will take into consideration all necessary elements of company, sole trader, partnership and superannuation fund aspects. We will assist you in understanding your rights and obligations as a taxpayer in lawfully maximizing your tax refund – ensuring that you claim each and every entitlement that relates to your specific occupation and/or circumstances is critical.

City Tax Accountants will assist you in understanding, preparing and lodging your tax return. We will also explain how the tax law applies to you. Our experienced team of tax accountants will consider all possible deductions and offsets. We strive for plain English communication standards when it come to complex tax matters – we simplify and explain, in clear and non-technical language, what you need to include as assessable income and deductions, and why. We can simplify and demystify ATO case law and rulings.

Taxpayer who have engaged a registered tax agent is eligible for extended lodgement dates. We will manage this process on your behalf.

Whether you are sole trader and work from your home office or employed by a company we can assist you. There is an an array of claimable deductions – some straight forward that you may already be aware of (such as travel expenses), and others more complex (such as rental property deductions). Your investment in our service means that we will check each and every possible one for you and advise you accordingly.

We will advise you whether any of the following is applicable to your personal circumstances and explain what each tax offset means:

  • private health insurance tax offset;
  • low income tax offset;
  • small business income tax offset; and
  • spouse superannuation contribution tax offset.

If these apply to you – we will ensure that they are claimed.

We will also advise you in relation to foreign income, land tax, fuel tax credits, goods and services tax (GST), luxury car tax (LCT), payroll, business activity statements (BAS), salary packaging, tax concessions and depreciation schedules.

We have a solid and proven track record of success in advising small businesses.

Invest In Accurate, Reliable Tax Service

The fee you pay for City Tax Accountants services is affordable, realistic and fully tax deductible. It is an Investment in peace of mind that your tax return Circular Quay  has been professionally managed and maximised. We will discuss with you your requirements and provide a quote  – there will be no hidden fees or small print. If you decide to proceed we will:

  • accurately identify you as a taxpayer using your tax file number and/or Australian Business Number (ABN);
  • determine your reporting requirements and whether Pay As You Go taxation requirements apply to you/your business;
  • explain income tax formula’s in Plain English – if you cannot understand it, then we have not fulfilled our Company Mission Statement;
  • determine what required to be included, can lawfully be excluded in relation to expenses, deductions and rebates;
  • estimate the outcome – tax payable or refundable amount that you may expect;
  • prepare a draft and work through this step by step with you;
  • lodge your tax return on your behalf when you are satisfied that all elements are understood and accurate;
  •  provide you with the Australian Taxation Office’s final decision (Notice of Assessment) and answer any enquiries;
  • advise you of your options regarding payments, amendments or objections;
  • ensure that you are accurately advised of deadlines regarding appeals.

Procedural Requirements to Complete Your Tax Return Circular Quay

There are a number of procedural requirements in the process lodgement of your tax return Circular Quay, and it is our role to ensure that you, your business meet these requirements:

1. Signed declaration in the approved form.
2. The inclusion of all required information.
3. Lodgement of your tax return in the approved manner.

Amendment Procedure and Dispute Resolution

If you disagree with an assessment, amended assessment, determination, notices or decision issued by the ATO Commissioner, City Tax Accountants will lodge an objection pursuant to act on your behalf. You are entitled to:
• raise dispute or object Notice of Assessment issued by the ATO; and
• seek to amend your lodged tax return.

How to Understand Your Options When It Comes To Taxation

It is up to City Tax Accountants to explain this to you, that is our Mission.

The total amount of income tax payable by individuals will vary due to differing circumstances. This is expected. Some individuals will be entitled to tax offsets and others may be required to use different tax rates. Issues such as residency status, age, type and source of income and the relevant income year will be information we will gather from you.

Late Lodgement of Tax Return Circular Quay

There is an array of reasons why tax returns are not lodged on time, including busy schedules and family, academic and career obligations, illness or long time stay outside Australia. Though many of them are not considered as genuine reasons to lodge late and may cause the heavy penalties to be applied, we take care of your tax matters and efficiently process them, explaining what you can expect and answering all of your questions. We will adhere to professional conduct standards in delivery of our services.

More Complex Considerations for Tax Return Circular Quay

We are equipped to expertly advise you in relation to the following, that may apply in more complex financial circumstances:

  • Land tax
  • Fuel tax credits
  • Goods and services tax (GST)
  • Luxury car tax (LCT)
  • Payroll
  • Lodging notices, objections, statements, applications, or ancillary financial documents
  • Salary packaging
  • Superannuation contributions
  • Small business tax concessions
  • Investment properties and depreciation schedules
  • Taxation for non-residents
  • Outbound workers taxation

Reducing Compliance Costs for Small Business

The Small Business Entity (SBE) Framework aims to reduce these costs. It provides a series of concessions for small business – for example:

  1. Simplified Stock Trading Rules.
  2. Immediate deductions for some prepaid business expenses (up to 12 months).
  3. Simplified depreciation rules.
  4. Accounting for GST on a cash basis and paying GST by quarterly instalments.
  5. CGT Small Business Concessions.

In determining what your small business assessable income will be we will ask you questions in relation to the:
– size of your business
– nature or type of your business
– method of accounting
– direct and overhead costs

Contact us today, and get the top tax accountants in Circular Quay on your team!

Tax Return Circular Quay, Tax Accountants Circular Quay, Tax Agent Circular Quay

Tax Return Circular Quay

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